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A breif of CBS

A breif of CBS

A brief history of the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS)

In 1903, the Statistics Authority (Central Bureau of Statistics now) was a section affiliated to the Customs Authority. Its main function was the development of foreign trade statistics. In 1932 the section became what was known as the economic committee which in 1934 became the Tade and economic Authority.
In 1953, the Statistics Section separated from from the Trade and Economic Authority to become an independent autonomous Authority known as the Statistics Authority under the then Ministry of Social Affairs. In Novermber 1958, the Authority was affiliated to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.
In 1969, the Ministry of Economic Planning was established and a decision placing the Statistics Authority under this Ministry was made.
On 6 November 1995, a decision establishing the Central Bureau of Statistics was made by the Council of Ministers and the Bureau became under the Minister of Finance and National Economy.
In 2000, CBS became under the Council of Ministers until now.

 Directors of CBS during the period 1955 – Present 

1. Mr. Ahmed Osman Izhaq 1955-1961
2. Mr. Abdelmonim Mursi 1962 – 1966
3. Mr. Gasim Ahmed Musa 1967 – 1975
4. Mr. Omer Ahmed Altai 1976 – 1990
5. Prof. Sidig Nasir Osman 1991 – 1997
6. Mr. Hassan Abdelsalam Suleiman 1998 – 2001
7. Dr. Abdelrahman Mohmed Hassan 2001 – 2004
8. Prof. Awad Haj Ali 2004 – 2007
9. Dr. Yasin Elhaj Abdin 2007 - 2016
10. Dr. Karam Allah Ali Abdelrahman 2016 to present

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