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  • Latest News — 2014-03-16

    Visit of a delegation from the Chinese National Bureau of Statistics

    Chinese delegation has arrived for a visit to Central Bureau of Statistics, the delegation composed of four members

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  • Latest News — 2012-11-10

    Census Data Dissemination Conference

    The first Natioal Conference for the dissemination of the fifth census data was held at the Friendship Hall, 18 to ... more

  • Latest News — 2012-10-10

    Launching of Sudan statistical System strategy

    Minister of the Ministry of the Council of Ministers has been Issued a decision to form the National ... more

  • Latest News — 2011-10-10

    Training on Website and statistical data managment at CBS

    A five day training on statistical data management and building of statistical website, from 18 - 24 Oct 2010, at ... more



About CBS

1. The Bureau shall be the basic final resort of the State, in the field of statistics, and shall assume conducting statistics, preparing statistical researches, relating to economic and social activities, and promoting statistical systems , as the economic and social development plans and programs may require.

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Central Bureau of Statistics compose of a number of General Directorate, namely:

General Directorate of  Social & Population Studies
General objectives

Collection, analysis and dissemination of demographic and social data at national and sub national levels to develop  the strategies and policies for social and economic development.

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There are fifteen state offices under the Central Bureau of Statistics

  1. Northern State Office
  2. Nahr El Nil State Office
  3. Red Sea State Office
  4. Kassala State Office
  5. Al Gedarif State Office
  6. Khartoum State Office
  7. Al Gezira State Office
  8. White Nile State Office
  9. Sinnar State Office
  10. Blue Nile State Office
  11. North Kordofan State Office
  12. South Kordofan State Office
  13. North Darfur State Office
  14. West Darfur State Office
  15. South Darfur State Office
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The device is the official in charge of the Sudan for the collection of statistical data and information, preparation and processing, dissemination and giving nature official figures Statistical It is also in charge of the implementation of statistical and data collection of various kinds, specialties and levels and performs a lot of (general censuses and statistical surveys) and has special versions of the results of these censuses and surveys The statistical Yearbook issued the end of each year, which includes the latest statistics and indicators.

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» Top Downloads

File Name File Size Downloads
» Sudan National Baseline Household Survey 2009 North Sudan - Tabulation Report (1,110KB) 57,500,035
» Evaluation and Adjustment of the 2008 Census Data (580KB) 300,174
» Sudan Foreign Trade by Country Groups for the years 2000 to 2010 (2,045KB) 50,686
» Disability (5,361KB) 840
» Sudan Foreign Trade Statistics Summary 2000 - 2009 (1,335KB) 836


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